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October 3, 2011


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Something wrong with the world?

Mon Oct 3, 2011, 5:02 AM
Is there something wrong with the world?

Aren't we often just complain and bitch about shit that's negative instead of lift up the more positive things so that more positive things can rise?

For every positive thought you can easily count 3 negative ones, often 3 reasons why the positive thought shouldn't/won't work.

Personally I'm in between careers right now, I'm shifting what I'm doing and trying to make up more or less what I wanna do the next time to come. I do have my job and all that so that's great but still I'm complaining. Doesn't feel right to complain over a lifestyle that's "great" when other people have it so dam tough. Make me feel like a bad person, which I'm not.

Dammit! Why can't one ever be satisfied about anything?! See me here, I'm complaining over that I'm complaining...

Take the chance, here's a whole journal for you to whine at, bring it!


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AntiBaer Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
i know this topic is a bit dusty by now but i'm just checking up some news on deviantart...

personally i feel like some kind of dullness is spreading over the world more and more
i don't know wether it's just me growing up or so but.. recently i see A LOT of people every day on my way to the university sitting in the subway
and i can tell you.. it is really rare to see some genuine smile. and when i do see one i always have to smile myself that there still are people with positive energy in their day-to-day lives...

this does not directly relate to complaining and stuff but it feels almost as if some people WANT to look sad.. or emotionless.. or unhappy..

happy new year by the way!
ladyrapid Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Professional Photographer
Smiling are for the rich. We are all rich, personally, so if we keep smiling it will eventually spread on, it's contagious as hell :)
Navrasend Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Student Photographer
Well, I'm complaining about complaining, that's tough)))
ladyrapid Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Professional Photographer
RawPoetry Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011   Photographer
haha, it's difficult, but you need to work yourself into a mindset of nonstop optomism. For the most part at least. No one can be happy 100% of the time, there's no such thing as a perfect life. I think we're all entitled to a little bit of complaining every now and again, as long as we acknowledge that things can always be worse and there is always something to be thankful for. :)
ladyrapid Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Professional Photographer
Kibikayuki Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011
There's a lot of lack of common sense and honesty out in the world. I never know whom is dependable or whom I can trust, especially lately at work. Like... last month, a U.S. Marshall came through the back door and arrested one of our cooks because he was a fugitive from another state. None of us knew that at all and he seemed to be really nice. And there's always the idiot drivers. No one puts on their turn signal anymore so I never know whether I can actually cross the street safely or not. It's ridiculous.
ladyrapid Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Professional Photographer
good read
kuramay Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011
...I complain about complains too. "Gee... don't we have better things to do in life?"
Well I guess people feel more strongly when they're against something. When we like something we just tend to take it for granted. XD
I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Positive changes happen due to people complaining.
For example, I think human rights is fantastic right now in my country. I live in Canada. We're multicultural, not very sexist, and gays can get married. But someone still have to complain (or rather, protest) about people being racist or sexist, cause it's still there.

...Well anyway, there's a lot of things wrong with the world. (Which is a good thing. Perfect world=bad, that's what I learned from all the utopian themed novel studies and short stories I read in high school.)
I think it's great that people complain. At least it means we have enough rights to voice our dissatisfaction. (If we have the right, then why not use it.)

Shifting career is a plenty good enough reason to complain. It'll probably make you feel better.
ladyrapid Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011  Professional Photographer
Couldn't agree more.
Yea shifting career hopefully will turn things around in the long run =)
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